Fog in Christchurch delayed our flight from Auckland during Easter weekend. Faced with a two-hour wait I read an extract from the New York Times, lying spare on a cafe table in our waiting zone. The story covered the psychology of ‘the jobless who commute each day – somewhere – to keep up appearances.’

And psychologists are encouraging this ‘fine art’ of appearing to appeared employed! They’re not only the Wall Street types – either men in braces with bulging brief cases or women in pearls thumbing their BlackBerrys. There are also builders, lawyers, architects; there they are heading off to a coffee bar – for the day.


People are keeping up, not just appearances, but also routines, ‘good habits’ and personal pride. However, before psychologists and counsellors become too busy with a counterpart group of newly unemployed in new Zealand, let’s cut to the chase and suggest a more useful, developmental and exciting solution – volunteering.


There are 14 volunteer centres throughout this country. Their range of volunteer positions is staggering. Volunteer Wellington alone has around 400 active roles at any one time on our database. With 380+ community group members from throughout greater Wellington the positions vary to fit the wide spectrum of what any organisation requires to provide a service.


Some examples currently waiting for willing volunteers are befriending an elderly person, designing a website, creating sculpture out of recycled material, setting up a blog site, gallery guide, tour guide; or on a less specific note writing, photography, driving, accounting, administrating or project management. Keep up your good habits and commute to Volunteer Wellington on Level 3 at 84 Willis Street – or ring 499 4572 for more information.

 from Pauline H




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Volunteer Wellington | Te Puna Tautoko is the champion of volunteering in New Zealand Aotearoa!

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