Here are some easy and small actions that you can do that can bring big change!

There are some different ways you can contribute to fair trade like being a volunteer in a Trade Aid shop or buy your gifts at Trade Aid. Or if you are a good speaker, you could ask for a Trade Aid speaker for your school, church,or group of friends.  Asking for fair trade coffee at a cafe near you and drink good coffee at work it is so easy because there are hundreds of cafes that support fair trade.

Kiwis love bananas. New Zealand imports the highest per capita amount of bananas in the world. Now New Zealand is yet to join the Fairtrade banana revolution – so it’s time to get on board now! Getting Fairtrade bananas on the shelves at your local supermarket by supporting the ‘Go Bananas for Fairtrade’ campaign.

Let’s do some actions for Fairtrade!

For more information please look at www.


About Volunteer Wellington

Volunteer Wellington | Te Puna Tautoko is the champion of volunteering in New Zealand Aotearoa!

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  1. lolaorlando says:
    hey yo I write letters and offer them to other nz’ers. You can access and I would love feedback or to ‘host’ any correspondence you have made.
    YAY for you and this goodness.\

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