People might associate volunteer work with animal shelters or soup kitchens, but Millie Douglas’s first impulse was to assist victims of crime and emotional trauma. This is true feeling of being a volunteer for Millie. Ms Douglas joined Victim Support as a volunteer support worker last October and says the work can intense but highly rewarding.

In the past of eight months Millie has worked with families jarred by suicide and incarceration, and transgendered people left reeling by verbal and physical assaults. She said sometimes it’s just a few kind words or a listening ear on the phone. She says she has been humbled by the effect it can have on people’s lives.

This is how excited she feels to be a volunteer. In this shrinking job market environment, many young graduates and school leavers are typically the worst affected about over 5000 people in the area are now unemployed, but being a volunteer can boost your work experience and volunteering can give you better odds than most.

Referred from Hutt News, June 16, 2009. Volunteer Awareness Week


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