Old St Pauls tour guide Rupert Webb

Old St Pauls tour guide Rupert Webb

Volunteer Wellingtons August/September newsletter shared the experiences of Rupert Webb who arrived in Wellington from Cotswolds, England, with a degree in Mediterranean history and classical civilization. Upon arrival Rupert immersed himself in the history of New Zealand at the archives found at Te Papa where he began his ‘mind-blowing journey’. Subsequently he decided to volunteer, ‘to get out of the house, meet new people and gain new skills”. This lead him to Old St Pauls where he is a tour guide.

Rupert Webb profile

"It's fascinating and rewarding"

“In the beginning I was a bit nervous about speaking to large groups, but with practice I’m becoming more confident…It’s fascinating and rewarding. I’m learning on the job and developing promotional ideas at the same time.”

Rupert also is involved in the volunteering as an archivist for six hours a week at Barnardos. “More experience and more learning about New Zealand’s rich history.”

Just like how Rupert shares his experiences with volunteering, we would love other volunteers to leave their personal comments, feedback and testimonials here or join our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/volunteer.wellington).

There are many different reasons why we volunteer, helping out in the community, gaining work experience, meeting new people or even exploring different career options – let us know your story and in turn encourage others in your community to volunteer too.


About Wei

Part-time corporate banker, full time adventurer.

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