Cecilia is young, she is 16 years-old, however she is very clear about what she wants to do, what she wants to be. She’d like to be a lawyer. Maybe she studies at Victoria University…. Also she declares emphatically her interest in International Law. She is at present a student at Kilbirnie School. Even though she is very busy with her homework’s, exams, etc… she finds time to help as a volunteer.

Also she is another example of someone from overseas who volunteer. Cecilia was born in Tanzania and she has been in New Zealand for three and half years.

As she says “I was at home and I decided to go out and do something”. And certainly, she did. Moreover, she is doing many activities that are helpful, useful and enriching. She is not only helping the Community, but also getting her first work experience. She encourages other students to do the same. As Cecilia says “there is a lot benefits about being a volunteer”. And at the same time, she has the opportunity to get lots of ideas of “what I am going to do with my career and future jobs”.

Cecilia is very open minded and she is willing to help not only in the area law, but also in retail and health as well. Her volunteering task have been helping in shops and rest homes. Cecilia has an energetic, vigorous attitude to her life, and is also finding that her volunteering is a clever way to get work experience and start doing networking.

The reward, apart from her first work experience, which will help her to define better her future, is very simple: “Seeing people smiling. I just like to help”. Another important recompense for Cecilia is the chance to see life after school from different perspectives.

Definitely, being a volunteer just depends if you are really keen. “I have no time” is not an excuse. Nor is “I have to study”, because you are learning every time you develop a new task and meet new people.

Amelia Martinez-Lobo


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