Every Tuesday, I go to Volunteer Wellington’s Office. I was going to take the lift, when a tall guy asked me for the Volunteer Office. “On level three” I answered. We took the lift together and then I noticed that he brought a cup of “mate” (special tea drunk in Argentina, Uruguay y Paraguay). He looked at me and he asked “do you speak Spanish?”…. Bingo! Spanish people have a sixth sense to recognize each other…

Agustin wants to study Nuclear Medicine, but he told me he wasn’t ready to start the University… contradictory, isn’t it? Not ready to start the University, but ready to face alone an adventure to the other side of the world… His maturity surprised me a lot. Agustin has very clear ideas and he has enough courage to follow his dreams.

As many new comers, he is looking to volunteer to invest his time in a  useful and helpful way.  He arranged an appointment to be interviewed and to find a role for him. Then, we started talking. What started to be an “interview”, ended as friendly conversation. We shared information, websites, contacts, advice and even tips on how to live in New Zealand.  Again the real volunteer spirit connected our lives. Just helping each other in a usual day. Just sharing a good time, experiences and laughs.  Just getting a new friend.

Small actions can be turned into a huge inflection point and every single action can unleash a huge range of consequences.

Amelia Martinez-Lobo


About Volunteer Wellington

Volunteer Wellington | Te Puna Tautoko is the champion of volunteering in New Zealand Aotearoa!

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  1. Pauline says:

    Volunteering really does bring people together doesn’t it. I love this story. It goes to show that people – even when they’re in a lift – are prepared to approach each other and be friendly, when taking that step into the world of volunteering.
    Look forward to your next story Amelia.
    from Pauline in London

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