Almost 70 people from across the Wellington region made the early morning start and were rewarded with a fun-filled networking session and a picture-perfect view of the harbour from the offices of our business friends, KPMG.

The talented Dr Karen Smith from Victoria University’s School of Business did a fantastic job at facilitating the speedmeet which focused on what we all love about working with volunteers. From celebrating volunteers’ diversity to the inspiration they provide for other staff, it was clear that as managers and colleagues of volunteers, we are forever appreciative of the contribution they make to our organisations.

This of course leads onto the vital role of Managers of Volunteers. At last year’s IVMD we explored the various hats a Manager of Volunteers wears in their work and at this year’s event we launched a mentoring programme aimed at supporting managers of volunteers to be the best that they can be.  By linking managers / coordinators of volunteers with experienced practitioners in the community and voluntary sector we aim to support them to further develop their capacity, share ideas and develop their practice. If you’d like to find out more about this programme, please contact Charlie at Volunteer Wellington on 499 4570 or

In the meantime, it’s time to celebrate all of the wonderful Managers of Volunteers in the community. Well done and thank you for the great work that you do!

DSC_9014Zlata Sosa, Manager of English Language Partners and Julie Clifton, Coordinator of Volunteers at Wellington Area Prisons.

DSC_9065The speedmeet in action – everyone got to meet 4 new people for an intensive 4 minute speedmeeting. (We compressed 480 minutes / 8 hours’ worth of meetings into a stunning 25 minutes at 8’o’clock in the morning – now that’s what we call efficiency!)

DSC_9074Dave Adams, youth worker at BGI packs full his 2 minutes of talking with Trish Lee, Manager of Volunteers at Wellington Hospitals and Health Foundation.

Some feedback from the day:

“I’d like to thank Volunteer Wellington for the breakfast event this week.  It was a good opportunity to mix and mingle and get a taste of the vast array of organisations that ‘employ’ volunteers.
Also, the view of Wellington, and the croissants, was sensational. An overall treat.”

“I would like to start by passing on how fantastic the Breakfast was this morning, great food, great location and even better networking!”

“Wonderful morning, well done, special thanks to all those involved.”



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