In the lead-up to the 2014 Volunteer Wellington Employee Volunteering Awards, we will share profiles of some of the six judges who are reviewing award nominations.

Meet Guy Cleverley.


Guy talks to us about his company’s interest in volunteering, why volunteering is healthy for New Zealand communities and why he’d like to hear from groups that are doing productive things for the environment.


What is your background?

My name is Guy Cleverley. I work at CCM Architects in Wellington. I started there in 1990 and I’m now director of the company. I actually wanted to be an architect since I was 12 years old! Within CCM Architects, we have a number of people who participate in community work, which is fantastic. Our interest in volunteering led the organisation to become a sponsor of Volunteer Wellington a few years ago.


More and more New Zealanders are getting involved in employee volunteering programmes– why do you think that is?

It’s great that more and more Kiwis are volunteering. I think it’s a very healthy thing for a community, especially for how a community perceives itself. We all know the importance of helping others through volunteering and I suppose nowadays there are just more opportunities to get out there and do it.


What would you say to encourage more businesses and more community groups to be involved in employee volunteering projects?

There are so many two-way benefits with these sorts of projects. It’s win-win for businesses and community groups. Positive outcomes can be achieved in the community and the volunteers themselves feel good about doing it. And I think the time factor is something to stress – all it takes is a small commitment of your time to make a big difference.


Why do you see these awards as important?

It’s about making volunteering more visible than it already is. I feel like in our society today there’s so much emphasis on the individual, about doing things for yourself. Amidst all of this, it’s important to highlight how many people are out there doing things for others. It’s also a great chance to start the discussion on employee volunteering for people unfamiliar with the concept.


What sorts of projects are you hoping to hear about from the entrants?

The environment is a big one for me. All indications show we’re heading to hell in a handbasket, environmentally-speaking. So I hope to hear from groups that are doing some productive things for the environment. In general, I’m looking forward to hearing about projects that really empower their volunteers, projects that give volunteers the opportunity to fulfil their talents out in the field.


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