Happy International Volunteer Managers Day!

We celebrated this morning with a breakfast event at KPMG that was attended by 60 representatives ranging from volunteers and Managers of Volunteers to CEOs, board chairs and senior management from 40 community organisations across the Wellington region.

IVMD 2014 3Delicious food courtesy of KPMG

IVMD groupA full boardroom at KPMG!

 This year’s theme was inspired by the whakatauki: “Ki te kahore he whakakitenga ka ngaro te iwi” which translates as “Without foresight or vision, the people will be lost.” As a way of exploring this concept we used Volunteering New Zealand’s Competencies for Managers of Volunteers to think creatively about what managing volunteers may look like in the year 2024.

IVMD 2014 4

IVMD 2014 5

Managing Volunteers in 2024…what will it look like?

We took the key themes from the groups’ work.

IVMD 2014 7

Participants then wrote down the next step that they will take to progress towards creating this future.

IVMD 2014 6

IVMD 2014 8

IVMD 2014 9

Key themes in these ‘next steps’ were:

  • better engaging with diverse volunteers, especially youth / young people
  • improving the use of technology and social media to manage volunteers and promote volunteering
  • developing systems and policies that ensure volunteers are treated in the same way as paid staff
  • constantly and consistently recognising and acknowledging volunteers’ work and exploring more formal avenues for recognition such as NZQA or other qualifications

The event was fun, inspiring and a great opportunity for networking between Managers of Volunteers. It also got us all thinking creatively and constructively about the future of managing volunteers.

Thank you to KPMG for hosting us, Sue Hine (Management4Volunteers), Anoushka Isaac (Kaibosh), and Dr Karen Smith (from Victoria University of Wellington and board member for Volunteering New Zealand) for organising and running the event, to Eva Kaprinay for photography and Whittaker’s for donating chocolate for participants.

IVMD 2014 2


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  1. Sue Hine says:

    A great summary of the event Pauline, and the pics affirm your story.

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